In ZIEL STUDIO we believe preserving your emotions and moments through our lenses, as we
understand it’s for a lifetime.
The name ZIEL STUDIO came from my love for capturing a marriage and in fact photography &
cinematography. ZIEL STUDIO grew with me, through family & landscape portraits, and eventually lead
me to weddings….and that is where I found my passion. I even have been specializing in photographing
weddings & engagements! Since2015. I even have photographed quite 145 beautiful and unique
weddings, engagements, pre-wedding, birthdays & many events! I do know all of the amazing locations and that. I just love photographing couples and families! There are numerous gorgeous venues here, and a tremendous
network of talented prewedding professionals to figure with!

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ZIEL STUDIO style may be a team of creative photographers, videographers, and cinematographers & the right
mix of artistic, romantic & timeless photography wont to creatively document film. Our wedding
photos are literally “reportages” that weave together atmosphere, nature, and emotions to inform a story.

Why choose us

A Photography Studio that specializes in Wedding Photography & Cinematography across Chandigarh, Punjab, and Haryana. Discover how we will be the simplest for you!
They say love what you are doing and you’ll never work each day in your life. We love Wedding Photography and Cinematography, and therefore the love for this art is what makes us good Storytellers and Filmmakers because we enjoy telling stories. It shines through all our work and sows the seeds of trust within the hearts of the families that we are responsible to.

A Belief That Trust Is At the guts of each Relationship. Over the decades we’ve established trust and a deep understanding with every family we worked with, who recognized our ability to be the simplest at what we do. For them we’ve become quite a “Brand Name”, we are a “Family Name” they call upon whenever and each generation.

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